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Virtual Portraits are series of 3D portraits painted live in virtual reality. The Masks I Wear by Christina Elizabeth Hall is the latest collaboration in the series. 

The Masks I Wear is an interactive solo live performance by Christina Elizabeth Hall, alternative documentary that explores the harassment experienced by women in industry. Akmyrat painted the portraits of the women with Tilt Brush in Oculus Rift, which then were rigged by Christina Hall. Using a combination of facial tracking software and projection mapping, she “wears” projected motion controlled digital masks to portray the collected stories of the women that have gone through the harassment or assault.

To learn more about Christina Elizabeth Hall's work, visit

Four portraits of women for the performance "The Marks I Wear", painted with Tilt Brush in Oculus Rift.

Live VR Portraits

5 Minute Portraits are series of portraits painted live in VR during the ITP Spring Show at the NYU's Tisch School of the Arts on May 16-17, 2018. Visitors of the show were invited to sit in front of Akmyrat for about 5-10 minutes and get a 3D portrait drawn with Tilt Brush in Oculus Rift. Explore the portraits and more at

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