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Elpis is an augmented reality experience to engage audiences via volumetric captured live musical performance.

Winner of the Artist Challenge at the MIT Hacking Arts Hackathon, this AR app allows viewers to watch a recorded live performance of Christen Lien as a hologram, when looking at the cover of her new album "Elpis". ​

The volumetric performance of Christen Lien was recorded at IFTF's Emerging Media Lab in Palo Alto, CA. Christen Lien's performance was captured by Akmyrat using DepthKit volumetric capture system, with the production produced by Toshi Anders Hoo and production design by Liza Bender.

Filming Christen Lien at EML
DepthKit point cloud render

The AR app was created at MIT Media Lab during the Hacking Arts Hackathon in 24 hours. The team used Unity Game Engine and Vuforia to produce the target-based AR experience. 

Creative Director, Producer: Akmyrat Tuyliyev

Developer: Yuchen Huang

Developer: Aimee Abalos

Designer: Xiaoling Chen

Marketing, PR: Denisse Robledo

Strategy: Hajime Kuwayama

Special Thanks: Michael Cox

Learn more about Christen Lien and her album "Elpis" at

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