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State of the Medium is an augmented reality exploration into the history of news and media consumption over the last 50 years, focusing on the annual State of the Union Address. 

Sponsored by A+E Networks, History Channel and NYC Media Lab, this experience ​observes the evolution of media from 1968 - 2018 and speculates on how media will change by 2068. By focusing on an annual event with consistent messaging in US politics, the project examines the way media has shaped how we consume and respond to news. The AR app was created with Unity Game Engine and Xcode, using AR Kit.

Premiered at the A+E Networks Headquarters in NYC on April 11, 2018

Demoed at the Fake News Horror Show on June 7-8, 2018 

Below are different stages of the app's prototype, for the scenes of 1968 and 2018. 

For 2068, we imagined citizens having President Bot, a hologram of the President of the U.S., where she addresses the user's questions and concerns for the time. Using DepthKit volumetric capture system, we filmed a futurist and performance artist Tiri Kananuruk portraying the future president. 

Creators: Akmyrat Tuyliyev, Richard Lapham and Jaycee Holmes

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