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Otherly is a series of seven short documentaries about belonging made for Instagram Stories. 

Otherly is a co-production between the National Film Board of Canada and PBS' POV Spark. Premiering on Instagram Stories, Otherly is a series of seven short documentaries about finding one’s place in the 21st century. Using universal themes like love, inclusion, and loss as entry points, seven female, non-binary, and genderqueer creators have crafted films that are at once timeless and yet by definition of their form, ephemeral.

The stories range from family relationships to exploring LGBTQIA+ identities to a search for freedom and independence. During this time of enforced social distancing, it’s especially poignant that the films were created for Instagram, one of the few spaces in which we’re able to stay connected.

Watch Otherly series now on Instgaram at @otherlyseries

Watch select Otherly shorts now on PBS  POV Shorts

For more information, check out NFB's page about the series and Media Press Kit

For engagement resources and lesson plans, visit AmDoc's page about the series


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Akmyrat served as the interactive producer at POV Spark, the interactive arm of the PBS documentary series POV, and co-produced the Otherly series as a whole, as well as three short documentaries in the series:

Elaine is Almost, Integrate.Me and FaceTime. 

The documentaries premiered on Instagram Stories from March 15 - April 2, 2021. All of the films can now be viewed in Instagram Highlights at @otherlyseries.

Otherly Series on Instagram

Elaine Is Almost explores the unconditional love between siblings as they each navigate their place in the world. Directed by Em Yue.

Watch Elaine is Almost in Highlights of @OtherlySeries on Instagram Stories

Elaine is Almost
Elaine in bed
Elaine house head animation

Integrate.Me explores the use of an experimental therapy to treat Tristan’s PTSD, as they learn to navigate being queer and trans. Directed by Tristan Angieri.

Watch Integrate.Me in Highlights of @Otherly Series on Instagram Stories

Tristan dancing

FaceTime follows Andy and Farrah as they navigate their individual identities, chosen family, and relationship as bi-coastal siblings. FaceTime consists of five episodes. Directed by Jackie! Zhou.

Watch all five episodes of FaceTime in Highlights of @OtherlySeries on Instagram Stories

Farrah's post
Farrah and Andy FaceTime

Otherly Series is a co-production of the NFB and POV Spark.


The POV Spark production team:

Producer: Akmyrat Tuyliyev 

Associate Producer: Aja Evans

Executive Producer: Opeyemi Olukemi

The NFB’s production team:

Producer: David Oppenheim

Associate Producer: Kate Vollum

Executive Producer: Anita Lee

Website Design

Akmyrat was the creative producer for the Otherly website, managing the creation of the site and leading its design. The website served as a call for submissions for Otherly, seeking proposals for boundary-pushing Instagram Stories on the theme of “belonging” by visionary women, non-binary, and/or genderqueer storytellers from Canada and the United States.


Through the website, Otherly received 169 applications from a diverse group of people with a variety of backgrounds including filmmaking, animation, policy and research and podcasting. 

Website Showcase

Web design for a browser:

Otherly website browser

Web design for a tablet:

Otherly website tablet iPad

Web design for a mobile phone:

Otherly website mobile

Producer: Akmyrat Tuyliyev

Web designer: Jacob Ford

Associate Producer: Aja Evans

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