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1991 is a virtual reality documentary delving into my father Suhan Tuyliyev’s mind and depression as a composer after the collapse of the USSR.

After the collapse of the USSR in 1991, Turkmenistan's government shut down the orchestra, opera and ballet, with the intent of reclaiming the country’s cultural roots. Currently in development, this documentary explores my father's experiences from 1991 - present. ​​

Recreating Suhan Tuyliyev's old office in Unity Game Engine. 

Suhan Tuyliyev in his office
Office built in Unity 3D
Office built in Unity 3D

The documentary's pivotal part is an ancient Turkmen Tale "Uzuklar". It is a musical tale about the power of music. Akmyrat is painting the tale in the form of a mural in Tilt Brush, which will cover the walls of his father's office in VR. 

Tilt Brush mural stages.

Tilt Brush study
Dad's room with the mural
The girl

In the documentary, Suhan Tuyliyev is visited by the the ghost of the disbanded orchestra performing his piece "Pendi Nagmalar". We are filming professional musicians with a volumetric capture technique using Scatter's tool DepthKit. Below is a Depth Kit recording of a cellist. 

Cellist DepthKit mesh render
Cellist DepthKit point cloud render

The documentary is being created with the support from Sensorium Studios in NYC:

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