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Meet and Greet NYC - This Is Us (XR) is a multi-level social immersive experience exclusively created for the Austrian Cultural Forum New York.

THIS IS US is an XR Music Event centered around Austrian musicians based in NYC and their experiences being in the epicenter of the COVID-19 crisis in the US, which has hit artists particularly hard. Their music carries a message of hope and solidarity. 

On December 10th, visitors from all over the globe gathered in the ACFNY XR world to experience an incredible virtual meet & greet. We created an immersive music installation where the audience could listen into single stems of the 'NYC-This Is Us‘ musicians within predefined ’sound-circles’. Over 100 people from 14 different countries registered and attended the event.


This multi-level immersive experience was exclusively created for the ACFNY by GO!insideVR in partnership with INVR.SPACE and HTC VIVE. New York production by Akmyrat Tuyliyev. In association with Animation Nights NY. VR-World Creation & Design by Jens Kull.


Watch some highlights of the event in the video below:

Below are some images from the virtual event. 

THIS IS US XR Social Meet & Greet
THIS IS US XR Social Meet & Greet
THIS IS US XR Social Meet & Greet
THIS IS US XR Social Meet & Greet
THIS IS US XR Social Meet & Greet
Bass musician Stephan Kondert
THIS IS US XR Social Meet & Greet

Learn more about the project at the links below:

GO!InsideVR Project page

ACFNY Press Release

Creators: Gero A.E. Egger and Lisa Maria Wurzinger, GO!insideVR

NY Producer: Akmyrat Tuyliyev


Official Partner: HTC VIVE

VR World – Concept and Design: Jens Kull

XR Consultant: Yvonne Grzenkowicz, Animation Nights New York

Technical Support: Violet

Image Credit: © GO! Pictures KG 2020, VR World concept and design by Jens Kull

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