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Hush Butterly

Take-Pause is a virtual reality app that helps teens improve focus and resilience by making mindfulness accessible and engaging.

Take-Pause is being tested in hospitals and schools. Initial results have been very promising. At the Orange Regional Medical Center in NYC, nurses measured heart rate before and after the experience. 70% of the pediatric patients that tried it had a slower heart rate and also said they felt calmer. Take-Pause is now distributed by Xiaomi Mi VR Standalone headsets in China.

Learn more about the app at

You can experience the hospital pilot on YouTube. Best viewed on Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard. 

The visuals were created by Akmyrat in VR using Tilt Brush by Google. Below are some of the assets.

Visual Artist, Producer: Akmyrat Tuyliyev

Writer, Director: Dumeetha Luthra

Developer, Animator: Rubin Huang

The beta was created with Unity Game Engine.

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